Before creating an NFT Raffle, please read What is NFT Raffle?

NFT Raffle Creator

Cllck 👇 to create a NFT Raffle

drizzle | token distribution tool

Basic Information

Fill in the Banner, Name, Description and Official Link. Only Name is required. Please note that the size of banner should not be larger than 500 KB. The banner image will be stored in your account, and the storage capacity of your account is determined by the FLOW you hold, so make sure your account has enough FLOW in it(to store a 500KB image, ~0.005 FLOW is needed).


Number of Winners

Set the max number of winners of this raffle


Registration Deadline

All the eligible participants should register to the Raffle before this time.


Registration Eligibility

Choose the Registration Eligibility Verifier. Registration Eligibility Verifier is used to check the eligibility of the participants. Only those users who pass the verification are eligible to register to the Raffle and become the winner candidates.


There are three verifiers for DROP now: